When does leasing begin for the Fall semester?  Since leases end on May 30, tenants move out on or around that date.  Casa Mia Apartments will begin taking applications and deposits on the first day of April, but prospective tenants may not be able to view an apartment until the months of May or June.

When does leasing begin for the Spring semester?  Special circumstances sometimes arise which lead to an tenant ending his or her lease in December.  If this happens, apartments will be leased during the months of November and December.

Why must I pay the "last month's rent" when I move in?  Tenants must pay their "last month of rent" at the time they move into their apartment.  This rent payment is held by Casa Mia Apartments until the last month of the tenants lease, and at this time the tenant is credited for the amount paid at the time of move-in.  This is separate from the deposit, and this policy was created due to tenants not paying their rent on the last month of their occupancy.  If you are unable to pay your "last months rent" in full when you move in, we can work out a payment plan over the first three months of occupancy.

How long are the leases at Casa Mia Apartments?  The leases run through May 30, regardless of the date the lease begins.  This means a lease may be two months, or it could be twelve, depending on the date the lease is signed.  Tenants also have an option to stay for part or all of the summer months of June and July.

What is a "Summer Storage" rate, and when is it available?  Tenants often travel or go home for the summer, and we offer discounted rent during the months of June and July if they are not living in their apartment.  These are the only months "summer storage" rates are offered, and it is only available to tenants who will not be living in their apartments during these two months.

What is included in a "furnished" apartment?  Regardless of them being labeled a furnished or unfurnished apartment, all apartments have refrigerators, ovens, large closets, and built in bookcases.  In the living room of a furnished place you will find a table and chairs, couch, chair, end-table, and coffee table.  In the bedroom of a furnished place you will find a bed (mattress, box-spring, and bed-frame), dresser and nightstand.  You will need to provide lamps if you want additional lighting, a microwave, a shower curtain (rod is provided), bedding, and other accessories.

Are deposits and application fees refundable if I change my mind?  It is our policy that deposits are retained by Casa Mia Apartments as liquidated damages for the loss of marketability should you fail or refuse for any reason, to occupy your apartment the term of the lease. This means that we reserve the right to refuse to refund to you some or all of your deposit. We will attempt to refund all deposits, as long as we are able to rent your assigned apartment in a timely manner. The ideal set of circumstances between Casa Mia Apartments and the potential lessee depend upon the following conditions: When you change your mind, how promptly we are notified, and if we are able to rent the apartment in a timely manner. As an example, if you pre-leased an apartment during the month of May for a scheduled August move-in, as long as we can rent the apartment before the scheduled move-in date, we have not lost money or marketability on the apartment. Under these circumstances, your deposit would be returned in full. Unfortunately, not all cases are like this. Often individuals change their mind days before a scheduled move-in, leaving us with lost marketability, costly advertising fees, and vacant apartments for lengthy periods of time. In summary, do not put down a deposit until you are sure you want to reside at Casa Mia Apartments, and if you change your mind, the earlier the better. If the application is not approved, the deposit is always returned immediately to the applicant. Our general rule of thumb is this:  If you change your mind before August 1, your deposit will be refunded in full.  The one exception to this rule is if you are planning on beginning a lease in any month other than June, July, or August.  Application fees are never refunded.

Do you accept Section 8 housing?  Sorry, not at this time.

Do you allow pets?  Sorry, but we do not allow pets.  Not even to visit.


Where are the storm shelters located?  The nearest storm shelters are located on the Campus of Oklahoma State University.  The two buildings for after hours shelter are Ag Hall, on the corner of Farm Road and Monroe (The south entrance at the east end is wheelchair accessible) and Engineering South.  Other locations can be found here.

When must I pay rent?  Rent is due on the first, but you will not be charged late charges as long as your rent is paid by the fifth day of the month.  Since we allow this grace period, there is no exceptions to this policy.

Where can visitors park?  There are a handful of visitor parking spots in the far Northwest corner of the North parking lot.  Visitors can also park on West Street, but they should not leave their car in the street longer than twenty-four hours.  Thirty minuet parking is also available on Miller Street.

Someone is parked in my parking spot.  What should I do?  If someone is parking in your parking spot during business hours, please call the office and we will have them ticketed or towed.  If it is after business hours, please call the Stillwater Police Department Non-Emergency number and they will receive a ticket.  You can also call Simon's towing and have them towed.  These numbers are available on the Contact page.

What busses stop at Casa Mia?  As of 2014, the official stop is titled "Casa Mia South (66)", and the Gold, Gray, and Scarlet Busses stop here regularly.  Of course, campus is only 100 steps away, so you shouldn't need to ride a buss to OSU.  For a current route schedule and times, please check the OSU Transit System Website.

What is the security code for the laundry room door?  Please see the office and they will give you the assigned door code for the laundry room.

Where does my mail come?  USPS packages are placed in your USPS mailbox.  If the package is too large to fit in your standard sized box, the mailman will leave you a key to open one of the large mailboxes.  UPS and FedEx packages are delivered to your door, and if you are unavailable, these packages may be left with office staff.  Please check USPS, UPS, or FedEx Tracking info on their websites.

What is my mailing address?  Your mailing address depends on your apartment number.  If you are located North of Miller Street and your apartment number is from 101-330, then your mailing address is 222 N. Duck Street, Apartment #____, Stillwater, OK, 74075.  If you are located South of Miller Street and your apartment number is from 20-60, then your mailing address is 140 N. Duck Street, Apartment #____, Stillwater, OK, 74075.  

Do you accept Credit Cards for monthly rent?  Not currently, but we are looking into options to accept credit cards in the upcoming months.

Do you replace light bulbs?  Maintenance would be happy to install bulbs if you do not feel comfortable doing so, but we only provide the initial set of bulbs for your apartment.  We recommend replacing the bulb with a similar type or an energy efficient bulb (75 watt equivalent or less).

Where do I put my trash?  There are two dumpsters on each side of the street for tenant use.  These dumpsters are located on the West side of the property.  The City of Stillwater does not allow us to place furniture in the dumpsters, so we kindly ask that you contact the office if you have large items that need to be disposed.  Trash should never be left on the walkways, and it must be placed in the dumpsters.

More answers to come soon!